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Good Night? Where?

Often raised questions and their answers

How many participants are expected to come to your camp?

There will be more than thousand people. Unfortunately it can’t be estimated more exactly at the moment. Please have consideration for not be willing to take part in the competition for “most exact speculative number of participants”. Maximum numbers have been agreed by the municipality and the townships, which we will be observed by us. We assume that the offer will be sold out relatively fast.

Can I take a shower in the camp area?

Yes, we do have a mobile heating generator for the warm water preparation. In a shower tent you have 60 shower places to your disposal. Or better said: two times 30 places, separated by sexes. Because a community shower isn’t provided in the agreement. Every participant gets three shower coupons, the following cost 1Euro each. You can buy it at the vending container in the entrance area. You can also buy a shower coupon for 5Euro and six time a shower. The use of the wash basins and the toilets is free.

Will the sanitation facilities be cleaned? Or do we need to care, if so, how far?

Good news: You don’t have to inherit working gloves. The whole ten days (at least 240hours!) the cleaning staff will keep the sanitation facilities clean and so they care for the common good. At this opportunity let us demand for keeping the toilets clean. Do always think about the others, willing to use it. For the men there are additionally containers with urinary all over the sanitation area.

Can there be tents placed at our disposal?

No, you have to bring along the tents and the sleeping bags. For some groups there will be placed community tents. So if you arrive as a group , ask your guide in this case.

We will arrive at June 1st at 11 o’clock pm. Will there be a service to pitch the tent, if we send it to you before?

We will always try to help you. In this case we would lay claim to an amount of 10Euro. However we can’t neither guarantee a certain location nor assume liability.
But seriously: Illumination is present and with a supporting flashlight tents can be pitched very fast. Those 10Euros can be better spent as a donation.

Can I bring food and drinks to the camping area or will the participants be supplied?

A self-supply is intended, completed by other gastronomic offers. So you can take your own food and drinks to the camping area except for glass. It is forbidden on the whole place. These are environmental and ordinal contraints, you strictly have to observe.
When arriving you get a garbage bag. Please use this for any garbage and not for sitting on it or as a sun protector. It’s even remunerating, because when you dispose the full garbage bag you get a drink coupon or a give-away at the departure time. In this way we can guarantee that we won’t bog down in garbage. By the way: There are 0,4l beakers at every booth of supply.

How big may my tent be?

There is no limited space allocated. So who wants to sleep in a 4 persons tent can do that. Only group tents up from 10 persons shall be appointed before. For every tent there are 10 square meters planned. So enough space for you!

Is there a railway service?

Yes, and we would appreciate you coming by train if possible. There is even an railway with IC stopping point – so you could pass through from Cologne to Bützow. The tent camp can be well reached on foot, it’s just 1,2km away from the railway. A agriculturist from Bützow offers a shuttle service.
Book your tickets for the arrival and the departure in time, if possible with seat reservation. The trains will be hopelessly crowded or booked up during the time from May 28th until June 22nd 2007. In case the railway service should be sold out please inform us. Then we will try to find another solution together with the local providers. Just send a mail to info@g8-gute-nacht.de.

I will definitely go by car, because of the seminary documents I bring along. Is there a parking near the tent camp or can I park my car close to my tent?

There is a car park for 3000 cars allocated. The location is a few steps away from the camping area. However to drive on the camping area won’t be possible because it is located near a nature reserve. But don’t worry, you won’t have to bowl your sleeping bag from the car park to the tent: After giving a deposit you can get a trolley free of charge.
Safety first: The car park is fenced and guarded by security. Nevertheless the status must be seen as unguarded because we couldn’t find any insurance which would assure the parking attendance.
The utilisation of the parking is included in the ticket price. But there is no preferential claim – only a registration with the number of the car ensures a park ticket. You get this together with your travel documents. The dispatch happens already at the end of April until early in May.

Which is the authorized bank account I have to remit my money to?

Bank data: G8 Gute Nacht Camp, account number: 200061810, bank code: 130 500 00, Ostsee-Sparkasse Rostock.
International bank account number: IBAN: DE31 1305 0000 0200 0618 10
International bank identification number: BIC: NOLADE21ROS
keyword/usage: number from the online application procedure / name, first name and date of booking from the written registration documents
If there are any problems or questions, just send us a mail to info@g8-gute-nacht.de

Can I give my booked and paid camp ticket back?

No. Please comprehend the reasons for our decision not to accept that. The type of our camp makes it impossible. Nevertheless until May 15th your ticket is transmittable to another person who takes over your ticket. But attention: This letter is to be written and dispatched by the post or as a fax to the deadline above-mentioned!

Can I participate just for a few days and are there special daily prizes?

Being participant for just a few days would be possible. There are a lot of groups, who visit the camp only for the weekends. Day tickets aren’t allocated. We only offer the ten day tickets for one prize. How often and when you spend the night in the camp is left to your own devices.

Have you got parking place for camper vans?

Yes, but only a strictly limited number. Please make a direct enquiry by mail to info@g8-gute-nacht.de

Why does the camp take place in Bützow?

We think, that the city Rostock and the municipality Bad Doberan work already on full capacity with all their actions, arrangements and participants. That’s why we have chosen a different location which is nevertheless situated close to the most important arterial roads of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and which is not too far away from Bad Doberan and Rostock.
Bützow has a railway with IC connection, access roads to the A 19, the A 20 and to the major roads. In the commercial district there are many splendidly constructed access roads. The railway station Bützow isn’t situated in the city centre and from there to the camping area it is a distance of just 1,2km – this short extent can easily be made on foot. In the commercial district there are not many tenements, which is surely a benefit.

Traffic link


A 19 Berlin – Rostock
Connection point Laage >B 103 direction Güstrow > right hand-side on the L 11 direction Bützow
A 20 Lübeck – Stettin
Connection point Kröpelin/Kühlungsborn/Bützow (12) > L 11 direction Rostock
B 104 Neubrandenburg – Güstrow – Schwerin - Lübeck
Between Sternberg and Güstrow on the L 11 direction Bützow
B 105 Lübeck – Stralsund
Bad Doberan on the L 11 direction Bützow
Various road connections Bützow - Rostock und Bützow – Bad Doberan


Rostock – Bützow – Lübeck – Hamburg
Skandinavien – Rostock – Bützow – Lübeck – Hamburg
Stralsund – Rostock – Bützow – Magdeburg – Leipzig
Köln – Hamburg – Bützow – Rostock
Berlin – Güstrow (change)- Bützow
Bützow – Rostock (regional line)
Bützow – Güstrow (regional line)


Airplane the airport Rostock-Laage is about 20km away.

Canoe/boat for friends of aquatic sports

Water rest place in Bützow
Rivers: Warnow and Nebel, the lake of Bützow and Sternberg aside from the Lake Trennt

How do you solute problems concerning current, water and sewage on your mobile tent camp? Do you let it “biologically trickle away”?

All supply lines for current, water (also water for fire fighting) and sewage are laid all over the property, which has the size of 20 football pitches.
We use exclusively mobile sanitation facilities (see sanitation plan) and build up an according “sanitation city”. All environmental requirements are observed.

How is the area secured?

The tent camp is fenced in the extend of two meters by mobile constructional fences and shielded by colourful tarps to function a visual and noise covers. A crew consisting of voluntary and full time security agents safeguards the area. Unfortunately this is also an requirement, which is understandable in context of the G8 summit. We hold forth a hope so that security won’t be a problematic subject.

Are there shopping facilities for the essential goods near by?

Yes. 200m away from the tent camp there is a Familia shopping mall and an EGN property market. About 500m distant there is the discounter Norma. Please remember that glass isn’t allowed on the camping area! Two petrol stations are additionally near by. There have been agreements made with the local providers, for example with bakers and butchers, concerning the supply near or directly on the area. When going shopping think about your garbage and that empties can be disposed from the merchant free of charge.

Who is responsible for the offers and how can I find out what kind of orientation your camp will hold?

Our name does already suggest our orientation – G8-Good-Night – which calls attention to the negative results of the globalization.
Everybody, also the participants can make an offer, granting that they have announced before. Concerning this there is a formless agreement, in which the participant declares oneself as the initiator of the offer. That’s it. Who needs for example electricity, should order this not later than Mai 15th.
Information about these offers are currently published on our web site. Here you can also find a contact person.

At google and in press reports I always read the term NGO. By the way, what does it mean?

Those three letters NGO are the short form for non-gouvernmental organization. It conceals a union of people beeing politically active while not depending on any gouvernmental organization. An NGO works voluntaryly and isn‚t profit orientated.
According to that, public utility associations formally belong to the non-gouvernmental organizations, too.
The non-gouvernmental organizations can act on a local but also on an international scale. The content contains involvements for human rights and environmantal protection, furthermore sports even beside educational questions and social work. It is characteristic that the aims of many non-gouvernmental organizations differ from those of the gouvernment ˆ like for example at Amnesty International or Greenpeace.
Beside the short form NGO for a non-gouvernmental organization also the acronym ONG for the french synonym "organisation non gouvernementale" or NRO for "Nichtregierungsorganisation" appears.

source: WIKIPEDIA.org

Can I halve my ticket? For the first weekend I come, for the second one my buddy?

The tickets are non-transferable. For every ticket there is one wristband which can only be positioned at one person. Those wristbands don’t simply drop to pieces. Tricks won’t help you either. We all share the opinion that our offer is fair in context to those attendant circumstances for everybody.

Is there a minimum age for the camp participation?

Yes and no. Single participants have to be at least 18 years old. Concerning group bookings the group leader has to put the legal protection for children and young persons into practise. For families it is firm that the admission for children below the age of 14 is free.

How can I get the T-shirt of your G8-Good-Night camp?

It can be ordered at the shop on www.g8-gute-nacht.de. Don’t forget to state your size. One T-shirt costs 7Euro, dispatch included.

How can I get advertising material of your camp?

We distribute flyers, DIN A4 registration sheets and DIN A3 posters. You can order this material early in January free of charge. Just send an E-mail to info@g8-gute-nacht.de.

But attention: The repertoire is limited.

Can I help voluntarily?

We appreciate this a lot! The DGB rejoices any kind of support. Just send an mail toinfo@g8-gute-nacht.de and we transfer the inquiries accordingly.

Have you got maps of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania?

No, but inside the camping ticket there is a map of Mecklenburg Pomerania included. Additionally we give you a city map of Rostock.
We will offer the map material in limited amount also to other costumers. Price including dispatch is 5 Euro.

What is the weather like in Bützow, Rostock and Bad Doberan from Juni 1st until 10th ?

The splendid weather.. Every thing would be fine, if we could predict that. No, seriously: Our current enquiry to the German weather service about the last 20 years is in process. As soon as we receive an answer, we will publish it here.

Who organizes the G8-Good-Night-Camp?

büro v.i.p. is responsible for the logistic organization. They were authorized by many different organizations, for example the Federation of German Trade Unions.

Contact here: büro v.i.p. André Harder · Eckdrift 83 · 19061 Schwerin
phone: +49 (0) 385 - 638 32 70 · e-mail:info@buero-vip.de
fax: +49 (0) 385 - 638 32 79 · home page: www.buero-vip.de

Offers can be created by the camp participants themselves. For example youth and environmental associations will be present. The responsibility for the content of those offers behoves to the host in each case. The host of every program and the contact people belonging to it will be published on our homepage. Of course also the info points on the camp area will help you.
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