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A to Izzard

The Big G8-Good-Night-ABC

The G8-Good-Night camp is not supposed to be a booze party. There is wine, beer, sparkling wine and more. The prices are adequate.

Bikes have to be left outside.

You can find our terror response unit at the org(anization)-office

Stuffed animals only.

Sockets are resident in the coffee tent, for example to recharge your mobile phone.

Outside we have to cease the party at midnight. Inside the tent we continue until 5 o’clock. Between 5 and 6 o’clock everything is closed.

Barbecues are only allowed on expelled places. Grills are available. But also barbecue booths.

Hang around
Nobody has to get bored. An abundant supply of entertainment will be offered.

You can go online in our cybercafé. Here you can fetch your e-mails or plug in your mobile phone to load up your credit.

Not only the g8 summit from June 6th until 8th but also many protest rallies are expected in Rostock, Heiligendamm and its surrounding cities.

Keyword G8
The Group of Eight (G8) is an international forum. The members are the USA, Japan, Germany, UK, France, Italy, Canada and Russia. This “Group of eight” amounts to 65 percent of the world economy. Theirs tasks are conferences concerning globalization, global problems and policies for eliminating them. The culmination is the annual g8 summit. The heads of each state and the European Commission are represented.

Lost and found
Please hand in/collect homeless T-shirts, group guides, swimming clothes et cetera to/from the lost property office (org office near the entrance)

Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania
Always remember: The people from Bützow have been there before.

People of the extreme right won’t be tolerated.

Oh no!
The one who throws frogs on girls is stupid.

MV spend a mobile police station round-the-clock for the surroundings of the camp.

The Emergency Room is in the centre of the area. Bützow has a hospital. If you see anybody being in need of help, please help!

R U hungry?
Please dose your hunger like that:
Friday: evening meal
Saturday: breakfast, lunch, evening meal
Sunday: breakfast, lunch

To glut a small appetite there are gastronomic booths. Self-supply is in.

Who likes to skate: There is a racing track.

Because of the high danger of a forest fire smoking in the tent is even more unhealthy than usual. After smoking: Visit an ashtray of you choice!

Who suffers from/spreads event sulkiness, will immediately be quarantined!

Ever lost a ring in the sand? You got it!

Who looses his/her wristband: Please announce at the cash office! Substitution can’t be guaranteed.

Having a wash is free; taking a shower costs 1Euro; 3 credit coupons for the shower are included in the ticket price.

yard cleanliness
Our cleaning staff will keep the yard and the sanitation facilities clean. But nevertheless you should endeavor to use your garbage bag or the trash cans on the area. Please don´t forget not to bring along glass.

Oops - where is the Izzard gone?
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