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The Emblem

The emblem for the G8-Good-Night camp in Bützow is standing firm. In the future it will attend the whole action and care for the recognition effect.

The distinctive symbol abstracts the themes of the G8 summit and the fears resulting from this. In the north where countries are often rich, nourishments and the industry grow. Here, in the northern hemisphere, there is the homeland of the G8 members. But the “Good-Night”, entwining the whole globe, shows that the decisions of the economic world powers cause worldwide effects: There is no rich world, no Third World, but only one of its kind.


At the G8 summit among other subjects a further going arrangement of terms concerning the globalized world economy will be discussed by the government leaders of Russia, the USA, Germany and Great Britain, furthermore France, Italy, Kannada and Japan. An additional topic is the resources management. The distressed small fish making its escape on the left-hand side of the emblem could represent the frequent waste of the industrial countries. At the same time it shall express the fears of the camp participants concerning agreements, which have a utility function only for the big fishes, but never for the amount of smaller ones.

The round emblem does also symbolize a peaceful protest: it appears without malicious nooks or borders. All in all harmonically round. The same shall be valid for the G8-Good-Night camp, which will be built from June 1st until June 10th near Bützow. It is in want of bringing the summit critically into focus, while sticking to the facts.


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