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Mosquito Inside The Tent

and other sorrow.

Camping – seriously: Not everybody likes it.
And if I write ‘not everybody’ I actually also could say “I”.
I hate Camping! From community showers to the mosquito in the tent.

Let’s just regard the sleeping pad usual in trade. After laying asleep there for a night, I feel like a biologist when getting up. All of a sudden I know how many bones my body has, because every single one hurts.
Or the sleeping bag. This stupid thing even gets on my wick while non-using. It doesn’t fit into any cupboard and so it always drops into my field of vision. And when I lay in it, I feels like a hotdog. The only difference is that rolls don’t have a zipper.
The tent camp rest rooms and toilets are another chapter. Even at home I do unwillingly share my bathroom. And I don’t like the thought of strangers watching me brushing my teeth.
But there is this kind of peoples who have in mind that camping would be romantic. My closest buddy for example romanticizes nights in front of a campfire, the community of the camping family sold on something and the freedom of living during such a nomads life. His maxim is: When I can hang up my toilet bag, I’m at home. And even if we agree in so many different ways, at the topic camping I have to say: This guy is nuts. Camping is really the most stupid kind of spending the vacation.

P.S.: He persuaded me. We’ll go camping in 2007. Ultimately every law has a loophole.
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