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Shower & Co.

Sanitation Facilities of the tent camp in Bützow

In the Camp 2 “sanitary cities” are developed, which correspond to the standard described here:

Washing places
Heat aggregate

8 faucets for filling canisters

installation of the water pipeline
cleaning staff from Bützow
fence with visual cover
base plate in the area of visual cover
technical support service

Sanitation Facilities Details:


Shower Tent

The application of our V2A shower systems happens in gable tents with heavy-duty floors. The systems are provided witch warm water by an autarchic heating aggregate on the basis of fuel oil.
The shower system can directly be connected to the sewage system or be prosecuted by a pump system und a buffer tank.

WC Explorer

A completely new innovative concept! and floors for the walkways gives our in-house development “Explorer” with 16 water-flushed WCs a big comfort and it allows when using a standard 20 Ft. container the transport of 32 water-flushed WCs in one go!

It can be connected directly to the sewage or be prosecuted by a buffer tank with odour trap. Highly resistant synthetic material and stainless steel guarantee small damaged while having a high frequency of usage on events.

Wash Explorer

A completely new innovative concept! By the usage of folding walls for the walkways and the central drain underneath the walkways the wash “Explorer” has a big comfort and offers while using a standard 20Ft. container 38 single water receiving possibilities or wash places as well as two additive faucets for filling canisters. The was “Explorer” can be connected directly with the sewage. Only one water connection is needed. The wash “Explorer” offers folding walkways and it is endued with 38 single wash places and two additive faucets for filling canisters. The slip-proof floor is configured with a central water drain.


The urinary container suits splendidly to reduce the amount of exploitation of the men’s toilet containers. It offers 25 urinary places in front of drain gutter with a permanent flush. It can be directly connected to the sewage or be prosecuted by a buffer tank with odour trap.

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