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Contact details

Initiator and responsible for this home page in terms of §6 TDG and referring to the editorially content, the right to publish as well as § 6 II of the state treaty concerning the media service is:

André Harder
Eckdrift 83 · 19061 Schwerin
phone: +49 (0) 385 - 638 32 70
E-Mail: info@g8-gute-nacht.de

The agency büro v.i.p. is responsible for the structure and the realization.


home page:
büro v.i.p. André Harder
Eckdrift 83 · 19061 Schwerin
+49 (0) 385 - 638 32 70
+49 (0)385 - 638 32 79
Besuchen Sie büro v.i.p.

Liability disclaimer

Articles namely marked reflect the opinions of the author.
The information on this home page are accurately investigated and regularly up dated. Nevertheless we can neither guarantee that all information give the truth nor that they are complete nor kept up to date. We aren’t liable for defects or changes.
The links are offers for further information and researches relating to the G8 summit. We aren’t responsible for those contents. Because of the big amount of the related links we aren’t able to recheck their content, actuality and legality regularly. Responsible for those home pages are the operators in each case.

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